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Coaching For Trans Women

Learn how to feel feminine AND strong whilst flourishing in the workplace AND melting into the arms of a partner deeply in love with you.



Michelle Manley

How you live your life radiating the femininity and womanliness that you feel inside, is personal to you...

I can help you:

  • Be confident in finding the person you want to fall in love with and knowing who you want to be in that relationship.

  • Overcome your fears of dating and feel relaxed, knowing you are clear around what and when you will disclose.

  • Know whether to stay or leave is right for you.

  • Connect to your feelings and your gut instinct, and use them to inform your decisions and guide you.

  • Lead with your feminine energy in both work and your love life to naturally and organically get you everything you want.

  • Explore your entrepreneurial potential and make your dream business idea a reality.

  • Free yourself from the inevitable fear and guilt that comes from the desire to expand ALL parts of your life.

My coaching will give you:

  • Clarity around exactly what you want for yourself, your relationship and your career.

  • The opportunity to explore all your options.

  • Insight into the amazing power of your feminine energy.

  • Confidence in using your innate feminine energy in your relationship, and in your work, as opposed to your masculine 'doing' energy.

  • Tools and strategies to overcome any fears and barriers that may get in your way.

  • Practical tools that stop the unhelpful thoughts and actions that are running you.

  • A tailor-made step by step plan that excites and motivates you.

  • Personal accountability to take the actions you have set yourself.

Some feedback from my clients...............

My coaching sessions with Michelle have made me aware that when I am challenged or stuck in the progress towards my goal, it is often the emotional aspects of my life that need to be dealt with.  She has a great presence – warm and compassionate while at the same time keeping things light and positive.  I come out of a session feeling refreshed and unburdened and with new reserves of energy.  I also appreciate Michelle’s persistent but gentle questioning, uncovering layers of fog to get to clarity.  She comes over as very professional and conscientious, and I have gained great value from our sessions particularly in terms of increased self awareness, greater acceptance of myself, more clarity and greater motivation.

Julie B, CA, USA

Michelle has shown me the way to achieve what I want without losing myself, she taught me how to shine the light for my man to see what I want but more than that, she taught me how to allow him to give me what I need.  I shine the light and he takes me there! The sheer joy and ease in letting him lead me where I want to go has been a revelation. Once you feel the happiness, communication and ease of loving someone AND being loved, why would I want to go back?  Easy answer is I don’t and I have Michelle and her coaching to thank for that.  I know Michelle is only a click away if I get stuck in a rut or need a little direction.  After all life is a journey and we all need to grow and I can honestly say I am a happier and more content person since taking a path guided by Michelle.  

Dawn E, Arizona, USA

Michelle is a highly empathic coach with the skills and courage to challenge me and help me get at the core of matters.  She empowers me and helps me tap into my resources.  I totally trust her and her ability to help me move forward.  In my process of getting a new job and taking my next career step, she has helped me understand and overcome my negative self-talk.  She helps me to achieve results.  Not only has this helped me get another job, it will also have impact on how I move on in my career from now on.
I feel privileged to have Michelle as a coach.

Esther E, Germany

I contacted Michelle as I was feeling a lot of intense career related stress.  I found Michelle's coaching incredibly useful as I was given the tools to enable me to clarify in my own mind what was important to me and to prioritise the things I need to do to move forward.  I loved the fact that through the sessions I felt enabled to find answers for myself.  Michelle's coaching helped me to realise what I really wanted to do and to discover where my career related motivation truly lies.  This also had a knock on effect on other areas of my life including considerable weight loss (over 50 pounds) and a heightened sense of general well-being.  The actions I need to take to shape my own future are very clear to me now and I can visualise where I want to be.  My future path has now been transformed from feeling very unclear and worrying to feeling incredibly exciting.  Thank you so much Michelle!
Lisa BP, Cyprus
I feel happy and grateful to have found you Michelle!  And also stronger now to cope with my feelings whatever creeps up.  THANKS TO YOU I realized that I was pushing my partner away because of my terrifying fear of intimacy I was not aware of before working with you!  YOU HELPED ME see this, radically accept it and face it!  Your tools are GREAT!  For me they made a difference in no time!  At the moment, I am back on track and feel happy again in my 12 years relationship which I never hoped could happen!  I cannot say enough about how good it feels to know you are there for me - understanding me, supporting me, teaching me and holding me accountable for practicing the tools!  You are definitely the best personal coach I ever had! Thank You!!!

Joanna S, Cornwall, UK

It was so powerful being coached by Michelle. I have been coached before, but have never had such an amazing experience!  Michelle helped me see parts of myself that I never even knew existed. Her empathic listening skills with gentle probing, helped me set realistic goals for myself that seemed easily achievable. As a result, I have now started making changes in my life. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone thinking about making the changes they need from their lives.
Sam F, Cyprus
Michelle has helped me to get a very clear feeling and sense of my medium and long term goals, and the steps to get there. I know what I am focusing on every morning. I’m in the early days of my new business and this focus keeps me going when I have days that feel like it’s all going wrong.
When I found Michelle I was at a very painful time in my life, with Michelle’s’ coaching I have found the strength and clarity to really know deep down what I want for myself and my life, and to make some big life changing decisions in my marriage and career that will change the course of my life.
I always feel so safe with Michelle, that she is there for me 100%. She is so skilled, calm, perceptive and compassionate. I recommend her highly.
Nadine T, Essex, UK

Book a Free Strategy Session.

Book a free Strategy Session with me and let’s map out a plan for you.

Coaching is future and action focused. 

It works at your pace and to your agenda, at all times.  It can take place face to face, on the telephone or over Skype, depending on your preference and location.

Coaching helps you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching ... isn’t:

  • Therapy, which looks to the client’s past in order to uncover what is stopping them from moving forward.

  • Counselling, which primarily listens to the concerns and anxieties of the client around what has happened to them.

  • Mentoring, which involves sharing experience and knowledge with the client on a particular subject.

  • Consulting, which involves looking to diagnose the problem a client is facing and recommending solutions and providing advice.

Coaching ... is:

  • A partnership between a client and a coach, where the client is the expert in their life and the coach is the expert in the coaching process.

  • A process that raises a client’s awareness of themselves and the situation they are in and identifies the most effective way for them to achieve their goals.

What you can expect from coaching ...

  • Changes happening after just one session, with most clients seeing results between 4 and 12 sessions.

  • A set of easy and practical tools that you can take with you and use over and over again, in whatever situation comes up in the future.

  • Purposeful and insightful questions to help you discover your own ‘best way forward’.

  • A gentle breaking down of the barriers that have been holding you back.

  • An action plan that excites and motivates you.

My promise to you ...

  • Non-judgemental and empathetic support.

  • As much challenge and accountability as you require.

  • Common sense and a down-to earth approach.

  • My full support and commitment to help you get to where you want to be.

Coaching Packages

I love what I do.   I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.