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All About Me Questionnaire – Completed Example

People I Share My Life With

My Family - I'm an only child and always wanted brothers and sisters.  I was sure my parents would be convinced about having more when I told them I could get free lunches if I had a sister or a brother!

I feel excited when Mum, Dad and I head off on one of our road trips, when we usually head for the coast chasing any blue sky.  I remember feeling giddy as a child in the car chasing the end of a rainbow.

My parents are adventurous even now in their 70s.  I remember the 3 of us backpacking in Indonesia and finding ourselves on the tiny island of Gili Air being taken to the only lodging on the island by horse and cart.

My Friends - One of my friends organises a trip for us both every year.  Last year she gave me the choice of fly fishing for beginners or weaving my own coffin!  It was amazing how attractive fishing seemed to me given that choice!  I was so surprised when I caught two trout and delighted how good they tasted on the bbq!  I suspect the chance to weave my own coffin will come up again!

What I Do For A Living

What I am doing now feels a million miles away from my old corporate job.  It didn't feel like me; I felt uncomfortable with the energy and the power struggle.

I'm now working for myself as a personal performance coach and that feels natural, instinctive and amazing - and I love it!  I feel energised from it and it’s allowing me to be me.  It’s everything I hoped it would be and not at all what I hoped it wouldn't far! I am so excited about where it's going....and a little scared.

Being completely in charge of my own schedule feels exciting and weird!  It still feels strange when I realise I've just written an article sat on the bench at the end of my garden.

I'm learning so much and gaining so many skills.  Who knew I'd turn out to be a whizz with technology.  From feeling, in the past, so frustrated trying to just add a column of numbers in Excel to now feeling elated at having designed and built my own website!

Who I am

Caring - If you lend me your car I'll fill it with petrol and clean it inside and out before giving it back to you.

I'll listen to you into the small hours when you've got a big decision to make and explore with you all the possible options.

I've been supporting a young man with an auto-immune illness for the last 3 years and I've felt so proud to see him fit and healthy again with the potential to do anything he wants.

Grounded - I've survived the mud at Glastonbury and the 'toilets', all made worthwhile to see Paulo Nutini and Cold Play!  At the other extreme I felt classy drinking Gin with FeverTree and eating Buffalo burgers at the ‘posh’ Festival No 6.

3 years ago I starting growing my own veg at the bottom of my garden.  This year I've 'branched' out into fruit and so far I've had 2 raspberries, 3 blueberries and I'm eagerly awaiting a half dozen cherries and, I'd happily share my bounty with you!

Sensual - I love being a woman and I love being feminine.  I'm strong and at the same time I'm soft and I don't fear you seeing my vulnerability.  I know what I'm capable of and I'm also aware of how I sabotage myself.

Straight-forward - I'll tell you what's on my mind and how I'm feeling.  I'll tell you when I've had enough wandering around a museum and when I want a cream cake and glass of prosecco.  I'll be straight-forward even when I feel nervous about how it's going to land.

Unconventional - I wanted to find out if there was anywhere in the world where you couldn't buy a snow globe.  Thanks to my family and friends I'm learning there might not be!  I might have to extend my downstairs bathroom to cope with the display!

My Interests And Hobbies

DIY- My heart fills with joy when I look out on my garden.  It's not big but it's full of colour and smell.  I stand bare foot on the grass whenever I need to slow myself down and stop the chatter in my head.  I work so much better from my instinct, my feelings and my gut and those few moments connected to the ground really clears my head.

Music - I want more music in my life!  I want to see more live bands!  I tingle when I remember the feeling of joy and of being alive when I finally got to see Prince again, not to mention the feeling of loss now he's no longer around.

When we stepped into the Royal Albert Hall for the first time my Mum and I were both speechless, we must have looked like goldfish!  And after having a sneaky giggle over the men in their tights, we were unexpectedly blown away by the production of Swan Lake by the ENB.

Culture - I love going into my imagination and being transported somewhere else.  Up until this year I've had a season ticket for the Royal Exchange Theatre. It was great not 'choosing' what to see but going to see everything and not knowing what to expect!  One that caught me completely off guard was the shocking and compelling 'Good' - I can really recommend it.

What A Great Relationship Feels Like To Me

I'll know when I’m in a great relationship, when I know that I want to do my best for you and I know that you want to do your best for me, that no matter what happens we can talk.  I'll instinctively feel safe and I'll feel secure.  I'll feel the steadfast commitment we both have to each other and to our relationship.  I will feel I am me, totally me and I'll be unafraid to share everything about me, warts and all.

My Perfect Day In My Relationship

Easy, simple things – getting up together, doing things together.  A simple breakfast at home, mulling over the newspapers.  A walk in the countryside and then lunch in a country pub next to a warm fire.  An afternoon lazing at home, maybe watching a film with some naughty treats and then an evening with friends, sharing dinner and a bottle of wine.

Who I’m Looking To Meet

Caring - You buy me my favourite chocolates and you buy a gorgeous gift bag to put them in.  You always remember that I'm gluten intolerant and love experimenting with recipes that taste great to the both of us.  You take my Dad for a pint and help my Mum out with her mobile phone when she wants to add an emoticon to a text!

You fill a bath for me, light a candle and pour a glass of prosecco because it's Friday night and it's the start of the weekend.

You know how important it is for us to stay connected especially when we're not in the same room.

You love catching a smile from me when we're on opposite sides of the room and you love to hear the sound of my voice over the phone when we're in different cities.

Fun - You are a giggler and love to laugh and love making me laugh.  You know how to make the boring wait in the queue fun by whispering a fantasy story about the couple stood across the road.

Generous - You know that a bunch of tulips or roses will always make me melt.

You never let me pay and you're always the first one at the bar getting the round in.

Smart - You know how to play cribbage, backgammon and how to finish most of a cryptic crossword.  You don't really like losing but you like having fun much more.  Anyway it's not a 'proper' game unless it ends in a lot of tickling and play fighting.

Social - You are curious about people and I'll smile while you strike up a 5 minute bromance with the guy serving us coffee.

You want to meet my friends and join in with the daft party games.  You are a bit competitive and try really hard to keep a lid on it!

We have fit into each other's lives easily, enjoying each other's friends and family.

I love what I do.  I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

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