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How it works

Your online dating profile will stand-out from all other online profiles and grab men’s attention AND you will LOVE it!

Your profile will reflect the real you and you'll feel great about yourself when you read it.

Your profile will catch the eye of men who are right for you and they’ll recognise what they’re looking for in you.

How It Works...


Men and women are different.

Men respond differently to different words than women.

That’s why a woman needs a different style of profile than a man.

You want a profile that engages a man and makes it easy for him to write to you.

It might not appear to be the case, but there are lots of men searching online for serious long-term relationships.

The feedback from them is how hard it is to write that first message to a woman and think of something to say that will make them sound interested and interesting.

  • You want a profile that is warm and open, with interesting hooks a man can grab hold of.
  • You want a profile that sounds real, genuine and inviting.
  • Most dating profiles are vague, full of lists and often clinical.

"It works!  I got this message this morning:

Morning Pippa, what a thoroughly beautiful and honest profile you have, quite a change from the standard profiles on here!  You sound like you've got your head screwed on!!"

Pippa, Manchester, UK


Many women’s profiles go along these lines:

I love walking and cycling, and in the summer swimming. I love the theatre and the cinema too, although I don’t love horror films! I’m as happy camping as I am in a 5-star hotel and I enjoy festivals. I don’t like endless texts and would prefer to meet sooner rather than later.

Most profiles list the things we like doing, the things we want to do and what we expect from dating and a man.

From these sorts of profiles, men can find it hard to find something that they can grab hold of.  What do they write in that first email?  ‘I like swimming too?’  ‘Where do you go swimming?’

You want to capture his imagination.

What if instead of saying, 'I like swimming' you profile said:

'I feel so alive in nature, whether that’s walking or cycling or taking a dip in the local lake. Summer swimming feels so refreshing to me, even if occasionally, I emerge like a green goddess with sprigs of pond weed stuck to my hair!'

There is so much in this short paragraph that a man can respond to - all kinds of fun, playful invitations to get a conversation started.

There are feelings and emotions in there too that connect straight to a man's heart and will draw him to you.

And it's so important to make the most of the prompts available to you too.  These are the perfect opportunity to share with a man what being in a relationship with you will be like and what will make you happy.

"It really is amazing! The guys I’ve been dating since my new profile are just what I’ve said I’m looking for.  They’re caring, attentive, grown-up, kind and generous – and a lot of fun too!"

Dawn M, The Wirral, UK

We have two different packages you can choose from.

There's the Dating Profile Writing package, which is perfect for the popular Dating Apps, as well as the dating sites that require a longer profile.   We will also review your photos and provide feedback on which work and which don't, as well as recommending in what order they should appear.


"Because I was very involved in the process of writing the profile I feel confident that it captures the essence of who I am. This is so important to me as I want to meet guys who are attracted to who I am not just how I look."

Nadine, Portsmouth, England

The 'Dating To Your Relationship Happy Ever After', includes more than your new dating profile.

We recognise that it’s not just a dating profile you need.

You need a plan and a proven strategy to navigate the world of dating and get the relationship you want.

You’ll work with one of the amazing Dating Coaches personally, over Zoom for 12 weeks and we’ll set out a PERSONALISED PLAN around what dating sites are best for you, how to respond to men online and juggle dates in a way that feels effortless and relaxing for you.

I’ll share with you what works and doesn’t work in attracting a man to you online.

If you've been online dating a while we’ll identify what you’re doing right now that isn’t working and what to do instead to ensure the right man for you shows up.

I love what I do.  I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

RRRCT Master Coach Teacher
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