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"Initial thoughts were WOW!  This is amazing!"

"I was excited and delighted.  To my amazement my profile is working"

"It really is amazing! The guys I've dated since my new profile are just what I've said I'm looking for."

Find The Love You Are Looking For AND Have Fun Dating 


Online dating can feel daunting, frustrating, miserable and scary.  I know, I've been there.  I also know it doesn't have to be that way.  It can be easy, fun and exciting....and very successful.  I'm Michelle and I'd love to help you find the love you're looking for.

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Stand out from ALL the other profiles.

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Attract QUALITY men looking for a long-term, committed relationship.

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Be pursued by men who really want to get to know YOU.

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Have fun and ENJOY dating!

And Here's How We Do It...

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It's personal...

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Your profile is going to be written by an expert dating profile writer.

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We know about men...

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We know what engages a man.

We know the language that magnetises a man.

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It's more than the profile...

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Your photos, your email replies, your attitude,

they all matter.

We will share with you the dos and don'ts.

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It's all in the plan...

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What, when and how.

Together we will put together your own Personal Dating Plan.

Our clients are having fun dating and are experiencing quality men showing up and asking them out on date after date and finding themselves in loving, long-term relationships.

Don't take our word for it, READ what our clients have to say...

"I was blown away when we finished my new profile.  I couldn’t believe how simply and beautifully it was written. I felt so excited putting it on the dating website and, whilst I still got the usual flow of men that have clearly not read my profile and send the same message to lots of women!, I started to get emails from guys raving about my profile.  Interesting guys.  Much better quality guys.

One of the things I hadn’t expected was for my confidence to grow.  Every time I read my profile I felt great.  Every time I got an email from a man telling me how interesting and great I sounded I felt on top of the world.

It really is amazing! The guys I’ve dated since my new profile are just what I’ve said I’m looking for.  They’re caring, attentive, grown-up, kind and generous – and a lot of fun too!

I’ve been dating lots of men and I’m now getting serious with one particular man who is wonderful!  He still quotes my profile!"

Dawn M, The Wirral, UK

"I'd been online dating on and off for years and after a break I wanted to try a fresh approach, sort of relaunch myself, but wasn't quite sure how to do this so it would look and feel different. Then I came across Michelle's coaching website and the profile writing service.   I knew I had to try it.

Initial thoughts were, WOW! This is amazing! My passions and qualities shone through but most importantly, as well as portraying my strong, independent nature my openness to be loved was there. The skilful portrayal of who I was looking for created a strong image of what it would be like to be in our relationship. It was powerful!

I'm still looking, but I know with my warm open approach, he isn't far away!

I highly recommend the service. Breath new energy into your profile!"

Joy S, Birmingham, UK

"Dear Michelle, I love love love my new dating profile! And so do the guys who contact me, I am receiving comments like, “Wow, that’s a well written profile, you sound so real and genuine” “you sound so lovely” “You sound like a warm engaging woman with a full and vibrant life” “you’re perfect, Marry me!”. I’m receiving contact from very genuine guys who seem to have a similar outlook on life to me.

I felt so supported by your service, The profile writer was amazing.  Because I was very involved in the process of writing the profile I feel confident that it captures the essence of who I am. This is so important to me as I want to meet guys who are attracted to who I am not just how I look.

Also I’m especially pleased that I’ve taken your coaching service in addition to the profile service to help me through the early days of dating after such a long time of being married. You seem to have a way of making it all so much fun! And really helping me through the tricky bits.

It’s a whole new world I’m exploring and I feel so grateful to have you by my side.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Nadine, Portsmouth, England  

"As a client of Michelle’s I jumped at the opportunity of having my profile professionally written.  I am a gal who really struggles with what I should write about myself.  Either having no clue what to write or constantly second guessing is this too much, not enough or am I really that interesting person on paper.  All of this clouded my mind and made me feel like creating a profile was just not for me.

Everything was so well laid out by Michelle.  The process was just easy. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle & team.  I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter when my profile is viewed…"

Lisa G, Ontario Canada  

I love what I do.  I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

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