Michelle Manley's

Autumn 2021 Dating Coach Training

What would it feel like if every day you got to help women find LOVE?


Not just any love but their Happy Ever After … forever love.

AND feel the freedom of being your own boss; making a living out of something that you LOVE?

IN a market that is ‘Pandemic Friendly’?

Being a Dating Coach; taking the pain, the frustration and the unknown out of the Dating process is, in my opinion, the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

YOU can be a Dating Coach full-time or part-time; and go as BIG as you want with it.

AND right now, we NEED way more Dating Coaches!  

Women are only just becoming aware that there are professionals out there who can SUPPORT them, GUIDE them, and GIVE THEM THE EXACT STEPS TO TAKE to be successful in dating.

Working from anywhere, at any time, is available to you as a professional Dating Coach; running your sessions online, with clients from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re SINGLE and struggling right now to get to your Happy Ever After or in a relationship or marriage, the one thing the BEST Dating Coaches have in common is that they have struggled themselves and can empathise, and may well still be struggling!

Maybe you want to find a great love yourself? - Dating Coach Training is personal development to the core!

Michelle Manley Dating Coaches come from all walks of life; already working for themselves and wanting to change the focus of their business; wanting to move from being employed to running their own business; wanting to enhance their coaching expertise.  

Listen to some of my Certified Coaches at the end of the page talk about what brought them to Dating Coach Training and their experience of the course.

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So, here are the details ...

Dating Coach Training is a 10-week intensive training programme.

You will learn a unique set of Coaching Skills and Dating Tools and thoroughly practise them during the course, so you will be ready to GO at the end.

You’ll work one-on-one with me every week, in a small online Class, so you have plenty of time to practise; I’m a very hands on trainer who will work with you until you feel comfortable!

AND you’ll work with my amazing Master Coach Teachers in weekly online Clinics, who have themselves been through the training, completed the accreditation programme, now have their own coaching businesses and can’t wait to teach, guide and support YOU through the training.

AND there are over 35+ hours of videos to watch as many times as you want; explaining and demonstrating the tools and skills you are going to become proficient at.

AND you’ll work with REAL clients towards the end of the training!

There is a robust and detailed Accreditation process included in the course, involving a series of marked case studies and assessed coaching calls.  The accreditation will give you, and your clients, comfort that you have been certified competent to coach using the Dating Coach Training tools and process.

In addition to the Coaching Skills and Tools, you will also learn the Practicalities of Coaching and have access to a host of resources and documentation you can use in your own business, including guidance on how to manage an Enquiry Intake Session and convert them to a client, as well as a full set of coaching documentation you can use in your business.

"Brilliant Course!"

"Brilliantly set up and laid out so I could learn in a really simple and effective way"

"Felt incredibly warmly supported."

"This is how I earn my living ... and I'm loving it!"

Following on from the Dating Coach Training Module, if you require it, is the Feminine Energy Business Building Module.

This is an 8-week hands-on, one-on-one Business Building Module.

If you don’t know where to start with building, launching, and growing a coaching business then the Feminine Energy Business Building Module is perfect for you.

This intensive 8-week course follows on directly after the Dating Coach Training Module and has been developed to hand hold you from zero, through the technical and creative set-up process of your new business and have you ready to launch within 8 weeks.

You’ll also learn how to create, develop, and run your business from your feminine energy.

The course covers:

  • An understanding of how to do business as a girl, including learning feminine energy tools, which will revolutionise the way you feel about the set-up, development and running of your own business.
  • Setting up your new Website on Squarespace, with hosting on Bluehost.  (Support can also be provided if you prefer to build a WordPress site). *
  • Training on Squarespace and webpage creation.
  • Developing your own niche and personal message.
  • Training in the understanding and skills of writing Sales Copy.
  • Assistance in the creation of the key 6 web pages to get you started.
  • Setting you up on Squarespace’s automated email mailing system with guidance on how to build your mailing list.
  • Assistance in the writing of 5 newsletters and sequencing them in your mailing system.
  • Training on how to build a Client Funnel that draws clients into your business, including the creation of a ‘freebie’ document.
  • Training on creating and uploading video content.
  • Assistance in setting up a Social Media presence.
  • Guidance on how to run workshops and webinars.

* You will be required to purchase an annual subscription to Squarespace which will cost around £280 a year.

Each week there will be one class and one clinic to attend.

Videos and a detailed workbook will help you each step of the way and will be a valuable resource as you develop your business further in the future.

And you are not on your own at the end of the training.

I’m here to support you for as long as you want:

  • The Dating Coach Community. Included in your Dating Coach Training is one month’s free subscription to my Dating Coach Community, which is made up of my Master Coach Teachers and alumni students; meeting twice a month to support each other in building and growing their businesses, managing their clients and continuing to develop their coaching skills. You’ll be invited to join us after the complimentary month. 
  • Working with MY clients in MY dating programmes. Would you be interested in working with me, as well as / or instead of in your own coaching business?  For Certified Coaches there is the opportunity to work with my clients; an ideal way to get paid while gaining experience.

"I've had a lot of coach training and I think this is the best I've taken"

"I have a wonderful man in my life ... I found the tools so helpful to me, personally"

"I'm now exclusively a Dating & Relationship Coach and absolutely love it!"

"It feels so fulfilling to take this course ... you learn to help women to keep their hearts open to love!"


What makes the Michelle Manley Dating Coach Training different from other coach training programmes?

It works for EVERY woman, whatever her situation:

  • If she’s divorced and feeling terrified of ‘starting again’.
  • If she’s cautious of bringing a man into her children’s lives.
  • If she’s weary of promising relationships turning to dust.
  • If she’s committed to not settling and can’t find a man that is ‘good enough’.
  • If she’s burnt out with online dating and the poor quality of men on the dating sites.

I use, and teach, a unique coaching style; a style that is based on the Rori Raye Coaching Method, for which I am licensed to train. 

It works like no other coaching method.

It allows a woman to effortlessly ‘get’ what’s been going wrong, what will turn things around quickly and attract the most perfect man for her AND have FUN on the way!

It works FAST!

Added to that, my OWN personally developed Dating Steps and Dating Rules, create a structure for a woman to follow, baby step by baby step, from setting her up on Online Dating sites, through  inspiring men to ask to meet her and get to know her and finally having him step up to ‘choose’ her and her Happy Ever After dream.

I developed my Dating Steps and Dating Rules from years of personal trial and error on my dating journey.

And I don’t want women to have to go through trial and error in finding a successful way to date.

I want them to find love FAST, EFFORTLESSLY and FOREVER and that’s why I get so much pleasure from training and supporting more and more Dating Coaches.

And the more of us out there working with this valuable and effective coaching style, the more women we can help!

At the end of the training you will:

  • Feel confident in your ability to coach using the skills and tools you’ve practised and used on REAL clients.
  • Have coaching skills and tools that work seamlessly in other arenas of coaching such as business, personal and family dynamics.
  • Have the opportunity (at no extra cost) to be Certified through a robust Accreditation process that you will feel proud to share with future clients.
  • Be ready to build a business in a growing, online industry with endless flexibility for a great work/life balance.


The Dating Coach Training starts:

Monday 27 September 2021

at 5pm British Time / Midday Eastern Time / 9am Pacific Time

At £2997

Dating Coach Training Module

Feminine Energy Business Building starts:

Monday 3 January 2022

at 5pm British Time / Midday Eastern Time / 9am Pacific Time

At £3197

Practical Business Building Module

Buy BOTH Dating Coach Training AND Feminine Energy Business Building

at the package price of


rather than £6194 if bought separately,

a saving of £619.

Dating Coach Training AND Practical Business Building Modules

Plus, get these GREAT BONUSES, included with the Dating Coach Training:

  • A copy of my Fire Up His Desire Video and Audio Programme - My Five Step Methodology that will instantly have a man NOTICE a woman in a whole new way.
  • A copy of my Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of Video and Audio Programme with additional Workbook - This programme provides everything a woman needs to know to attract and build a deep intimate relationship with a man.
  • One month's free subscription to my Dating Coach Community, following on from the Dating Coach Training.

In just 10 weeks you will be equipped to help women have their dream of a great love; to show them clear steps to take to build their inner and outer confidence and to attract the perfect man for them.  AND in just another 8 weeks, if you also take the Feminine Energy Business Building module, you will have the technical and marketing foundation to launch and grow your own Dating Coaching Business.

If you’ve got questions let’s hop on Zoom and let’s chat.  You can send me your contact details below and I’ll set up the call.

I can’t wait to train, support and be there for you in this life-changing decision!

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Hear Julie's experience ...

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.   Write to me below and let’s chat at a time that works for you.

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I love what I do.  I believe in every one of my student coaches and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

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