About Michelle

As for my story,  I had a successful career and a history of unsuccessful relationships with men.  

The more unsuccessful the relationships I had, the more I put my energy into my work.

I was already a great advocate of coaching; having seen the positive effects it had had on my career, when I turned to see whether relationship coaching could help me with my love life.

What I learnt, and went on to experience, turned everything I believed about relationships and men on its head.   And at the same time, it all made common sense and explained what I’d been doing wrong all that time.

I went on to test what I had learnt in my working life and that transformed too.  I started to feel ‘me’ in the workplace.  My confidence and trust in myself built and I felt truly comfortable in what I was doing for the first time in my working career.  

There’s a lot more to it, but in a nutshell, men and women are fundamentally different in the way they think, feel and communicate. 

What I had been doing was acting like a ‘man’ in both my relationships and my work.  This is why I didn’t feel like ‘me’ in work and why I wasn’t getting what I needed in my relationships.

As soon as I connected to my feminine energy the whole thing changed and I started to Have It All.

I started to share what I discovered with others and that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a coach.

Today I feel privileged and excited to share what I know works with women all over the world.

Michelle Manley

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As well as an accredited and certified relationship coach, having trained with one of the most successful and amazing relationship coaches in the US, Rori Raye, I’m also a trained career and corporate coach with the UK Coaching Academy

Now I’m an entrepreneur, running my own business and enjoying watching it grow and develop under my direct leadership.

I love sharing with women what I know to be true and what works, in both their relationships and their working life, allowing them to Have It All.

I also love working in organisations within the more formal setting of Corporate Coaching.

With over 25 years’ in the workplace I've experience of working in legal, financial services, education and hospitality.  The last few years of my corporate career were spent working as a management consultant within many different organisations.  

I love what I do.  I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

RRRCT Master Coach Teacher
The Coaching Academy