Have The Fairy-Tale Relationship Group Coaching Class

Do you want to know exactly what to do and what to say to turn your relationship around or meet the right man for you?

Do you want to know the ‘relationship’ tools that really work AND how to use them in every situation you find yourself in?

Michelle Manley

Then I’d love you to join me in my

 Have The Fairy-Tale Relationship

Group Coaching Class

Starting Sunday 12 June 2016

In 4 Classes over 5 weeks you will learn everything you need to know to transform your relationship or your dating experiences….

I will take you by the hand and I will teach you, in detail, the tools and skills you personally need.

For those that attended my recent Teleclass, you will already be familiar with The Three Steps to a ‘Great’ relationship.

In this programme I’ll be starting with the basics of the Three Steps and then going into each of them in detail.

The class will be held in a 'virtual' classroom, which you will access by telephone or free webcall.

I’ll be keeping the class size very small. 

There will be no more than 8 women, so you can work with me individually and get all the time you need to learn, experience and practice. 

You’ll also get the benefit of sharing and learning with other women, just like you.

By the end of the 1st class, you’ll know:

  • Why what you’ve been doing in your relationship, or dating, hasn’t been working.
  • Exactly why men pull away and how to attract and keep a quality man.
  • What masculine and feminine energy is and how to use your feminine energy to magnetise a man.
  • How ‘STOPPING’ grabs a man's attention and exactly what to STOP doing and what to do instead.

By the end of the 2nd class, you’ll know:

  • How to get firmly on YOUR road to YOUR Happy Ever After with your man leading you both there.
  • How switching your focus away from a man and on to you will get his attention and draw him towards you.
  • How to make you important in your life and how that will raise your quality in his eyes.
  • How to connect, trust and express your feelings so you can deeply connect with him.

By the end of the 3rd class, you’ll know:

  • How to express your needs and wants clearly and directly to a man, without having him run for the hills or going into his cave.
  • The words to say, and the words to avoid, that a man can hear, and that make him feel inspired to step up for you.
  • The exact words to use in your particular situation.

In the fourth class we’ll be bringing everything together and by the end of the final class you will have:

  • Experienced positive changes in your relationship or with the men you are dating.
  • Practiced all the tools and the Steps in both the ‘classroom’ and in your relationship or on your dates.
  • Confidence in using the tools and Steps in every situation you find yourself in.
  • Your own personal scripts for your unique situations, created in the ‘classroom’ with me.
Michelle Manley

I’ll send through all the materials you’ll need ahead of each class, so we can get straight into the particular tools and Step we’ll be covering that week.  I’ll answer all your questions and work with you on your own personal situation.

You’ll leave each class confident to use the skills and tools in your life straightaway.

In between the classes I’ll be hosting Drop-In Clinics for those that want additional time to practise the tools with me and ask any questions.  I’ve scheduled them at different times so, if you can’t make one of the classes you can still have time with me in the Clinics.  I’ll be there to help you in any way I can.

Each week we’ll build on what you’ve already learnt and go deeper and deeper into the tools and The Three Steps.

The programme will be fun, supportive and empowering.  You’ll be with women just like you who want to make their relationships better and you’ll also learn so much from them.

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I love what I do.   I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.