Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of

How would you feel knowing you had a man in your life who loved, adored and cherished you; who made you feel safe and secure and was fully committed to you and your relationship?

Does that feel like a pipe dream?

Is it something you want and yet it seems elusive to you?

Maybe you have some of those things: you feel loved but not cherished or you feel safe with a man but the commitment isn’t there.

Maybe you’ve given up on the idea of a deep connected love and resigned yourself to a compromise.

Or maybe you prefer to stay single rather than settle for less than your dream.

I know what it feels like -

  • To be disappointed in love.
  • To want to be pursued and have a man declare his deep love for you; a man you feel the same about.
  • AND at the same time to feel somehow weak and pathetic for WANTING a man to fight for you.

After all you don’t NEED a man!

As a strong, successful, capable women who provides for herself, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of ‘needing’ a man.

If we don’t need a man to take care of us and provide for us how come we still WANT a man?

How come there’s still a part of us that WANTS to be taken care of, put first and cherished?

It’s because of an innate desire and need in us to love, and be loved.

We don’t want to be dependent, that feels yucky.

AND our independency feels cold and lonely.

sharon-mccutcheon-607990-unsplash (1)

What we actually want is INTER-DEPENDENCY.

A healthy ‘need’ and ‘want’ of a man.

Where we have a deep intimate relationship in which we can be strong and vulnerable; powerful and soft; with boundaries and at the same time open.

In Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of, Naomie and I share with you everything you need to know to attract and build that deep intimate relationship.

We’re going to turn everything you’ve learnt and been told about relationships on its head!


Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of

Deep Connected Love You Dream Of

We’re going to connect you to your deep feminine energy so you can attract and inspire a masculine energy man who wants to pursue you, to love you and to adore you.

This 90 minute video and audio programme will:

  • Explain how relationships work and help you understand why consistent deep connected love has been so hard for you to experience, so far.
  • Give you the tools and practical steps to take to STOP doing what is pushing love away and instead ATTRACT to you the love and attention you want.
  • Show you how the feelings you’ve been trying to avoid, like anger, fear, neediness and jealousy are actually the KEYS to unlocking intimacy and connection between you and a man AND to getting your needs met.
  • Give you the words to say to communicate your deepest wants and your concerns in a way that a man will hear and trigger him to step up and be the best man he can be for you.


In Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of you will discover that you don’t need strategies or deep work to turn your relationship around or be successful in dating.

You have everything you need RIGHT NOW within you.

We’re just going to help you unlock it!

The starting point is knowing WHAT YOU WANT.

I thought I had that nailed when I was dating, after all I’d be dating for years and was always measuring every man against what I wanted.

The thing was, what I was focusing on, were the wrong things.

I was focusing on how tall he was, what type of job he had, how old his children were, where he lived, what car he drove, how smart and funny he was and how much I connected with him on the first date.

What I couldn’t understand was, even if I got most, or all, of these ticked, it still didn’t work out.

And boy that was frustrating!

He wasn’t interested in me and didn’t ask for a second date, or it just fizzled out, or it was high passion for a few weeks only to suddenly feel so wrong or…worst of all… to find myself being dumped out of the blue.

What changed everything for me, was turning my focus onto me!

Rather than wanting him to have certain qualities or a certain lifestyle, I focused on how I wanted to FEEL with a man.

Suddenly, how loved, adored, cherished, safe and secure I FELT with a man became my measure.

Leaning back and being curious about a man gives you all the information you need.

Have The Deep Connected Love Your Dream Of shows you how to be in charge of you and your love life AND how to attract a man who wants to make you feel loved, adored, cherished, safe and secure.


You will learn how men’s minds work, what it is that makes them fall in love with a woman and want to commit themselves to you, hook, line and sinker!

Michelle and Naomie are brilliant at delivering these relationship changing strategies in a personable and easy to relate way. I particularly like the real relationship examples they give, they help you to understand and relate exactly to what they are saying. The programme really makes you think about how your behaviour in a relationship can impact it and change its outcomes.

Sarah P, Norwich, UK

Thank you Michelle and Naomi! I feel like I entered another dimension after watching your programme. I never thought before in such a responsible way about any relationship I had. Realizing exactly what things I do that push love away and reflecting about how to stop them and how to be what attracts love is a huge step towards love for me. I wish all women had this insight!

Pat R, Brasov, Romania


Have The Deep Connected Love You Dream Of

Deep Connected Love You Dream Of

I know you’re going to experience changes from the get-go with this programme.  And I’m here if you have any questions…



I love what I do.  I believe in everyone of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.  

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