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Is the man you are with not paying the same attention to you as he used to?

Have you been trying really hard to get his attention by doing nice things and being good humoured and always available?

Let me take you back in time?

Have you ever had the situation when you were dating, where the men that you weren’t at all interested in, just kept trying to get your attention?

The more disinterested in them you were, the more they pursued you?

Whereas the men you really liked; the ones you showed how much you liked them, would become less and less interested?

Hold onto that thought; I’m going to come back to it later.

I know how frustrating it is when it feels like the more you do to please him, the less he does to please you.

The key is to 'STOP'

So what do you do when you Stop?

What do you do instead of ‘doing’?

Well, I’ve got a great answer for that.

You turn your focus on you.

You turn all the ‘doing’ and effort you’ve been putting into your relationship, into YOU!

How does that sound?

Of course, it sounds good on paper, but how do you ‘actually’ focus on YOU?

I’ll show you…

Step outside yourself for a moment and see yourself in front of you.

Really look at yourself. Say hi! Smile at yourself.

Now, imagine you want to make ‘YOU’ (the one in front of you) happy.

You want to do whatever will make ‘YOU’ feel great.

So, what would that be?

A shopping trip with your friends?
A weekend away on a painting holiday you’ve always promised yourself?
A long soak in a hot bath, with a glass of something lovely and your favourite music playing?
To take up French and join a night school class?

See how easy this is?

Now, do it!........or even better ‘do it all’!

Go book the holiday, fix a date with your friends, run that bath and sign up for the class!

This is what I mean when I talk about turning the focus on you, and away from him.

You might be saying ‘YES’.

You might be hooked on the idea already.

Even if there isn’t much spare time in your life, take the time you have been spending trying to make things better with your man and put that time into something for you.

You might notice feelings of guilt come up.

And you might have voices in your head saying ‘You can’t do that’.

I want you to love them – the feelings and the voices.

I want you to tell the feeling of guilt and the voices in your head that you hear them, you love them and then tell them in a kind and firm voice that ‘you are in charge’.

How does that feel?

Now, remember earlier when I asked you to think back to your dating days.

Remember the guy you weren’t interested in who kept pursuing you and wouldn’t be put off?

Well, when you do things for you, things that make you happy, that put yourself first even for just a few minutes, you will become that woman again, this time in the eyes of the man you are with.

You will get his attention.

If you don’t believe me, try it and see what happens.

Let me know!



I love what I do.   I believe in every one of my clients and their ability to achieve whatever they desire.