How To Be Irresistibly Attractive To Men

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5 Key Steps To Being Irresistibly Attractive To Men

I often get asked, ‘How do I become irresistibly attractive to men?’

‘Where do I start to get my relationship on track?’ and ‘Where do I start in attracting a great man?

A great place to start is with YOU and with YOUR energy.

What’s going on inside you and how you present that to the world affects how a man sees you and what he experiences when he’s around you.

What you think about yourself and how you treat yourself has a direct impact on how a man sees you and how he treats you.

If you want to attract a great man; a man who wants what you want, then he needs to see that you’re a great girl that wants what he wants.

If you want to get your relationship on track; and have confidence and belief in your man, then he needs to see that you believe and have confidence in yourself.

In case you have any doubts at this stage, you are already a great girl who has all the confidence and belief you need right inside you.

The question is, are you ‘showing’ the world, AND your man, just how great you are?

Are you shining your confidence and belief in yourself for everyone to see?

If you need a little help with this, I’ve identified 5 Key Steps to Being Irresistibly Attractive and put them together into an easy to follow format.

Being irresistibly attractive to men is all about respect, trust, expressing yourself, being open and warm as well as feeling a deep appreciation for yourself and your man.

One of the Key Steps I talk about is Trust.

Where relationships are concerned, we women often START from a place of mistrust.

Is he a player?

Is he going to do what he says he’s going to?

Is he still hung up on his ex?

Does he still love me?

We START from a suspicious place.

What if your starting place is ‘to trust’ and ‘be curious’?

Can you see how that will change your energy?

Trusting, with curiosity, opens you up.  It has a warm, inviting feel to it.

We can tell when someone doesn’t trust us.

Imagine now you’re in the company of someone who doesn’t trust you.

How does that feel?

Now imagine you are with someone who does trust you.

Can you feel the difference?

Which one would you prefer to be around?

Which one are you pulled closer to?

Suspicion and doubt narrows your vision, whereas being open and trusting expands your view and allows you to see more clearly what’s going on.

Trusting yourself is just as important as trusting a man.

When you trust yourself you know that you will look after yourself.

When you trust yourself you’ll remove yourself, instinctively, from any situation that is doing you harm or not meeting your needs.

Doing just one of the key steps will change your energy and draw a man to you.

My TOP TIP is to pick just one of the key steps to being irresistibly attractive to men.

Consider what it means for you personally in your situation.

Take the step and then notice what happens.

You’ll soon want to try the next step!

I hope you enjoy it and let me know how it resonated for you.


Michelle x


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