How Important is your Headline?

I often talk about your “Headline” in a relationship. So what is your headline? Quite simply, it’s what you ultimately want from a relationship. I suppose it could also be referred to as your bottom line. It is the areas within your relationship, or in any future relationship, that you are not prepared to compromise on. Of course, in any relationship compromise is key, but when you talk about your headline, this is an area which is so major that compromise wouldn’t be an option, as essentially you are both looking for different things from a relationship.

Headlines are your ultimate goal, your main desire from a relationship. For many women it is marriage, or children, or perhaps both. For others, a lifelong commitment or the joint ownership of property is what they are looking for. Of course, even today in 2022 the assumption is that all women are desperate to get married, and are out prowling for a husband. This of course is not the case! For many women, their headline is NOT getting married. Or not having children. That is what they DON’T want from a relationship and of course recognising what you don’t want from it is every bit as important and as relevant as what you do want. 

The thing about headlines is that they are often quite scary, and they constitute in a lot of cases a fairly major commitment. We are therefore reluctant to discuss them, to bring them up with someone we’ve only recently met in case it scares them off. Do we then wait? Do we set ourselves our headline of marriage, meet someone, date them for a few months, establish a real connection, only to then  find out that they are against the idea of marriage? Are you then willing to compromise on something you have always wanted and desired because the person you’re dating doesn’t want those? You’re dating someone whose headline doesn’t, and won’t ever match yours. You’ll end up resenting this person and be angry at yourself for wasting your valuable time. 

I believe it’s crucial to be honest about your headlines right from the start. After all, men do this all the time. It’s empowering, and it’s all about taking charge of your life and your decisions. If you meet someone and within one or two dates the subject of what you both want from a relationship comes up and you mention marriage – you’re not telling that person you want to marry them! And that’s often where the reluctance comes from, we’re worried we’re telling this person that we want to marry them and they’ll set off running for the hills! You’re not telling them that. You’re telling them you want to get married to someone, someday. It shouldn’t be any different from chatting with someone you’ve been on two dates with and saying that you absolutely will visit Rome one day – you’re not asking them to take you, simply expressing a wish that you will fulfil in your lifetime. 

I teach Feminine Energy Dating, and one of the key components of this is leaning back and drawing the right man to you. If we want to draw the right man to us, we need to be honest and authentic about who we are and what we want. The right man will not be scared by you stating what your forever relationship looks like. They won’t feel trapped and they won’t run away. They will understand the difference between stating what you ultimately want, and what you want right now. The right man will see that and love that you are clear about where you are going – this is very attractive to a man! 

So don’t be afraid to tell men what you want from your life, and what your Happy Ever After looks like. Don’t hide your dreams away for fear of putting them off. If your desires turn them off then quite simply, they are never going to be your Mr Right. 

Headlines are important and they’re important from the start. They save every one wasting their time, and more crucially, you’re outlining what you want from a relationship right from the word go. This is what you want from a relationship, and it is what you DESERVE from one. Be proud, be honest, be authentic and be you, and you will draw the right people to you.

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