How To Avoid the Autumn Blues

This time of year can traditionally be very challenging for a lot of people. After the glorious days of summer, with endless sunshine and lazy evenings sitting outside with friends, holidays and barbecues suddenly, almost without warning, the nights start getting slowly darker, the temperature drops just that little bit, and people start to socialise less. 

This can be bad enough for people who are in a couple, but for those who are single, this shift into Autumn can trigger a lot of anxieties and issues. Summer can feel carefree, we enjoy the outdoors and we socialise a lot more. We tend to spend more time in large groups if we’re socialising outdoors meaning couples and singles are happily mingling at friends’ events. 

Personally, as an Autumn baby, I love this season. I adore the dark mornings, love walking through the fallen leaves and as for the smell of bonfires in the cold night air – bliss! But I do retreat. I want to be cosy in my house, with the fire on, candles burning, pyjamas and fluffy socks on. The thought of getting dressed up and going out in the rain, having to wear “suitable shoes” (as if!), my hair getting messed up – nope, no thanks. But if you’re single, how does it feel to be home alone at this time of year? Are you okay with it or is it something that you dread? 

So if you’re in this situation, and it’s not a time of year that you really enjoy, what can you do? Firstly, it’s all about self care. Recognising the shift in mood is key. Many, many people feel like this throughout Autumn and Winter, so you’re not alone. We crave sunlight and sunshine, and our bodies don’t like the lack of it. It’s okay to not feel okay right now. Make an effort to do things you LOVE to do – visit an art gallery, plan a day trip to your favourite city, book yourself a massage. Plan lunches with friends in pubs that have roaring fires. You can all sit around and not care that it’s pouring with rain outside. Book a last minute trip to somewhere hot and sit in the sun reading books, not worrying about keeping anyone else amused because it’s YOUR time. Take long walks through crackling leaves. Relish the changes in the air, because with every change comes new opportunities. Make a real effort to spend time with your single friends, lean on each other and use your support network to lift your spirits. Most importantly, keep dating! It’s a great time to sit on that couch and keep swiping on those apps. Take the time to chat with someone. Get to know them online before you ever need to think about going on a date. And the date can be something simple like a hot chocolate in your favourite cafe on a Saturday afternoon. Or even sign up to an online dating course that you can enjoy from the comfort of your one home (like our great Feminine Energy Dating at home programme!) Enjoy your feminine energy. Relish it. Lean back into it, create the space for a masculine man to move into. 

And if you’re in a relationship, remember how it feels to spend time on your own whilst your friends are happily coupled up. Make time for your single friends. Make the effort to go out when you’d rather not. Be there and be present. We’ve all been there. 

Yvonne @ Team Michelle 

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