How To Feel Cherished And Adored On Valentine’s Day – Whatever Your Situation

Love it or loathe it, from the second the selection boxes are taken off the supermarket shelves on Christmas Eve, the heart shaped chocolates, plastic red roses and giant teddy bears with “I Luv You” on the front are lining the aisles.

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

The history of Saint Valentine himself is shrouded in mystery, with history pointing to roots in both Christian and ancient Roman tradition, but wherever the starting point, today it is a massive commercial holiday, the very mention of which can strike fear into the hearts of even the most pragmatic amongst us.

You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You says the old song, and never is this sentiment truer than on 14th February.

From a young age, we have been conditioned to believe that our true love will reveal themselves to us on this day.

A card from a secret admirer, an anonymous bunch of flowers delivered to your door, a box of chocolates left on your desk in the office are all scenarios even the most unromantic of us would have to admit to having had over the years.

And all too often this ends in disappointment. 

So what if 14th February felt loving, kind and generous, rather than the heart sinking day it can all too often be?

If you are single, then the first thing is to take charge of you, and perhaps flip the way you are planning to spend it. 

If there is no one in your life to spend it with, spend it with someone who is right there with you, yourself.

If you find the day hard, take some time to lavish love and attention on you.

Book a nice lunch somewhere, treat yourself to a manicure, take yourself off to a spa for the afternoon.

If you long for flowers delivered to your door, send them to yourself – no one says they have to be from Mr Right! 

If you are in a relationship, try not to focus too much on this one particular day.

If your partner doesn’t match up to your Valentine’s Day ideals, here’s something to consider.

Are you the one in the relationship used to taking charge?

Do you book the restaurants when you go out to eat,  and are you the one who spends the time researching your holidays?

Do you buy the greetings cards for both families and choose the gifts you give jointly for birthdays and Christmas?

If so, and you’re expending all of this masculine energy in your relationship, why would he suddenly expect to take charge on 14th February?

Recognising the difference between feminine and masculine energy in your relationship, and the effect it has, could have a huge impact on it going forward. 

However you choose to spend the day, remember that you are in charge of how you spend it.

Single or in a relationship, it is just one day of the year, another passing moment in time, and come the 15th you can walk the supermarket safe in the knowledge that the chocolate love hearts have been consigned to the reduced bin! 



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