‘Being’ Is Way Better Than ‘Fixing’

Being is way better than fixing

How To Get On Your Path.

I am sat in my office and my partner has just put on the radio super loud in the kitchen below me.

He loves to feel the rhythm when he’s preparing a bacon buttie!

What is playing is ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.

And I got to thinking how most songs are about love; wanting love, being in love and grieving lost love.

Gloria sings about the pain of the breakup and the fear that she won’t love again.

I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t know what that feels like; whether it’s a memory of when she was 15 and experiencing a broken heart for the first time or 50 and feeling the pain of another failed relationship.

And it also got me thinking about the women I work with; the amazing, successful, strong clients who come to me flummoxed as to why they are struggling to have an amazing, successful and strong relationship with a man.

Many clients come with the question, ‘Can I fix this relationship or is it doomed?’

This is a binary question – it limits the answer to ‘either fix this relationship’ ‘or ‘move on’.

A better question, and one I move my clients towards is this: ‘How can I attract a great love that lasts forever?’

If you start by answering this better question the answer will always be the path to a great, lasting love …

… whether it’s with the man you are with now or a new man.

Consider that for a moment.

What if you knew how to attract a great love that lasts forever?

How would it feel to know you are on the path?

Maybe it feels scary, maybe exciting.

Being is way better than fixing 2

So, what’s the answer to attracting a great love that lasts forever?

Surely it involves us DOING something?

We women are so used to believing we HAVE to MAKE things happen.

What if you can fix your love life without DOING anything?

Fixing, sorting, forcing and trying is masculine energy.  It’s strategy and analysis.

For a moment just consider those words: forcing, sorting, fixing, strategy, analysis.

How do they FEEL for you?

Tiring, hard, heavy … maybe?

BEING on your path is feminine energy.  It’s trusting, leaning in on your intuition and experience.  It’s organic and open.

For a moment just consider those words: trusting, leaning in, experience, organic, open.

In contrast how do they feel?

Don’t worry where your head goes; where your thoughts take you.

How does it FEEL?

How does the idea of BEING on your path and it LEADING to your great love FEEL?

Easy, effortless, light … maybe?

All you need is to know HOW to get onto your path …

… and that’s where a Dating Coach comes in.

Imagine if your job was to show women to their path and walk with them; holding their hand to begin with until they are walking on their own.

And my job was to train you on EXACTLY how to do that.

And I can reassure you, it can be taught.

Guiding a woman to find the love she wants is a process.

It involves clear steps and a set of skills and tools that you can learn.

Skills and tools that I use every day in my coaching.

Read more about my Dating Coach Training, starting January 13th 2021, here.

You can also hear past students experience of the training and about their coaching careers now.



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