How To Melt This Valentine’s Day!

One of the tools we teach clients when we’re coaching them is The Melting Tool. It’s a really powerful tool, and an amazing way for a woman to connect with a man – be it on one of their early dates, be it three months in, or in an established relationship. Bascially, this is also a great tool to use if you’re on a date and as it gets towards the end of the evening and you start to overthink things, like how is this going to end, is he going to ask me out again, is he going to try and kiss me … all those thoughts that swirl around our heads, pulling us straight back into our exhausting masculine energy.

The Melting Tool is also a great tool because you can do this in person with a man, and you can also do it when you’re talking with a date on the phone, texting, or even on a video call. We can melt wherever we are!

So as Valentine’s Day heads towards us, why not try this on your next date? Or with the next man you’re chatting with online. Or your long term partner or husband, as a really lovely way to connect with them.

I’m going to teach you how to practice this both in person, and when you’re not actually with the man. Let’s start with that. You’re chatting on the phone to a great guy, who you’ve been texting with for a while. The conversation is going well, and the next stage is him asking you out on a date. As you’re talking to him, I want you to imagine him walking towards you. He reaches you and leans in to kiss you. The moment he touches you, I want you to imagine yourself MELTING into him. Feel your skin melt into his hand as he lays it softly on your waist. Your cheek melts onto his lips as he kisses you. And your head melts onto his shoulder as you gently rest it there. I want you to picture yourself staying in that moment until he pulls away.

How does this feel? Many of our clients tell us that this feels lovely. Warm. Sensual, grounding, connecting. And you are right there in the moment, in that gorgeous feminine energy, not over thinking things up in your head.

It works the same way in person as it does in visualising it. You’re on a date. It’s gone really well, and as you leave the restaurant, he reaches for your hand. As he touches it, feel your hand MELT into his. Picture your skin softening at his touch as you effortlessly rest it there. If he puts his arm around you and pulls you close, melt again! Lose yourself in his touch. Revel in the sensations and simply FEEL it. Feminine Energy is all about feeling a moment and not thinking it. Focus on the feeling. Hold on to it.

And if you’re in an established relationship, and the thrill of the first kiss has long passed, melting is a really effective way to connect with your partner or husband. Try melting when you are sitting together on the couch. Rest your feet in his lap and let them melt there. Lie against him whilst you’re watching your favourite Netflix series and melt your whole body into his. Melt when you’re in the car driving for Sunday lunch. Melt when you’re making love. Melt, melt, melt, whenever he touches you, and revel in his touch, in that connection, in that moment. Feel it. Embrace it.

So that’s our top tip for this Valentine’s Day – go out there, and MELT!

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