Why It’s Ok To Invest In Your Happy Ever After

Most women I know, most of my friends and women in my family, we like to spend money on ourselves. We like to look good. FEEL good. We get our hair done regularly, perhaps coloured as well as cut. Some of use get our nails done if not every month then at least for special occasions. Eyebrow threading, waxing, eyelash extensions, facials, make up, skincare products, Botox, gym membership. Even those of us who would not be traditionally classed as “high maintenance” are still spending a fair amount every month!

Personally, I don’t consider myself high maintenance but if I added up what I spend in a year it’s a reasonable amount. Highlights every six weeks to keep the grey at bay, eyebrow threading and tinting once a month. Weekly boxing classes, gel manicures and pedicures for holidays and Christmas. I use a fair amount of hyaluronic acid serum. I love trying new make up products that I see on TikTok. Heck, I’ll even admit to having tried Botox, and that wasn’t cheap. So even at the lower end of the scale, I am still investing a fair amount of money every year in keeping myself looking my best.

A lot of us do. It’s totally acceptable to have a hairdresser you class as “yours”. Our friends don’t bat an eyelid when we join a new gym or find an amazing massage therapist that we want to share with them. Nobody thinks anything of it when we splurge on some lovely new skincare. We do all these things on a regular basis to feel good on the outside.

But when it comes to investing on making ourselves feel good on the inside, we’re not quite as open to it. If we’re single, we spend money on making ourselves feel attractive. If we’re going on a date, chances are we might splash out for a new dress or maybe some sexy lingerie. We do all this in the knowledge that this date, this guy, is probably going to turn out like the rest of them. A few dinner dates and then he disappears. Or it goes a little further and then you discover that he never wants to have children when you long for them. It ends, like the relationship before did, like the one before that. The patterns remain the same, we carry on attracting the same people to us and we get the same disappointing results.

So why don’t we do something about it? Why don’t we expend the same time and effort into finding someone than we do making sure we look good for someone? Why will we happily spend £100 on a haircut and £40 on a manicure? £50 on gorgeous matching lingerie. £75 on the most amazing heels you’ve ever seen that this date will just adore you in … but baulk at the idea of paying a Dating & Relationship Coach to get you to that perfect man, Mr Right. The one who won’t run. Who will make you feel safe, and secure and cherished. The one who will always be there, right by your side.

Seeking professional advice to help you find your own Happy Ever After isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s fantastic to recognise that sometimes, we need a little help in life. We pay for a personal trainer, so why not be coached in an area of your life which, let’s be honest, is a pretty huge area. We all want that Happy Ever After. That special someone who we can picture ourselves walking beside in 50 years time. So why not invest in finding them? Why not INVEST IN YOU? You’re worthy of that special love, you deserve to find the perfect partner, so why not seek professional help to do so?

Working with a Michelle Manley Coach will help you find what you want from a relationship. We work with you to learn what you want, and we coach you to form new patterns and new behaviours. To break the chains and to move forward from where you are to where you want to be. We hold your hand as you take those steps onto your road, your path to your Happy Ever After. Take the leap. Make the investment. Invest in you. You deserve the man of your dreams. You are worth it.

Love Yvonne @ Team Michelle

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