Now Is The Perfect Time!


Join me this Saturday for an online cosy, girls together, no cost coffee/lunch/glass of sparkle (depending on where you are in the world!)

A few days ago I was looking to see how I could volunteer to help in my community and it got me thinking about what skills I had that might be useful to others.

And I realised, what I know about is dating! 

And I know from chatting with my girlfriends and my clients how scared many of them are feeling and after a week or two of staying at home how lonely and cut off they’re beginning to feel.

And that got me thinking about what I could do that just might be of some support, distraction, fun and even USEFUL for you guys.

Let’s Have A Date!  Together!  This Saturday! at 7pm (UK time) / 11am (Pacific time) / 2pm (Eastern time)

Register here (there’s no charge for the Date!):

My Master Coaches Anne Marie, Jenny and Juliana are going to join me too and we’re going to share with you how to date, have fun and build a connection with a man without going out of your door!

Maybe you’re single, not dating and never fancied going online.

Maybe you have been dating online and have no specific man in your life right now.

Maybe you have a man in your life but you’re living separately.

Many women right now are missing physical touch, more than ever; being hugged, holding hands, feeling a body close.

I know many women think there is no point in dating right now if you can’t meet up with a man.

And I know many women are feeling disconnected from the man they’re dating; texting’s just not cutting the mustard! and even phone calls feel cold and impersonal.

And we don’t know how long this ‘staying at home’ thing is going to go on for.

I Believe This Is The Perfect Time To Date.

And The Perfect Opportunity To Deepen Your Connection With A Man, Beyond The Physical Connection …

… a deeper connection that can FEEL as amazing as a physical connection.

We’re used to focusing on the physical attraction between us and a man and when it’s there we want to touch and be touched and kiss and more!

Of course, physical attraction is important.

AND in the early days, weeks and months of dating that physical attraction can hide serious red flags.

We’ve got a chance now to date DIFFERENTLY!

To date in an old-fashioned ‘courting’ way.

It’s like we have a chaperone with us, watching our every move – social distancing keeping us from getting together and touching.

No sex before marriage worked out for millions of courting couples back in the day (and today too, for some) and led to lasting, deeply loving, passionate relationships.

So much, right now, is out of our control.  We can’t meet our friends for drinks, take care of our parents; some can’t go to work and/or don’t know if there will even be work at the end of this.  It’s a scary time.

What do you say about focusing on what we CAN do?

Are you up for that?

You CAN date, and you CAN deepen the relationship you’re building with a man you’re not yet living with – without physically meeting.

During this testing time, isn’t it a perfect time to find out:

  • what a man is made of,
  • whether your values are compatible,
  • how easy it is to be with a man

when all you have is conversation?

I CAN share what I know about men, about dating, about having and building a deep connection with a man you’re dating and having your Happy Ever After …

… AND I CAN share how to do ALL that while staying at home!

You CAN join us for an hour on Saturday at 7pm (UK time) / 11am (Pacific time) / 2pm (Eastern time) and sit back on your sofa and be enthralled!

Register here (there’s no charge for the Date!):

We’ll be here to listen, answer your questions and share what we know … that works!

And if you’re up for it we’ll encourage you to get online and start conversations with men who are just like you; stuck at home, frustrated, feeling isolated, wanting to love and be loved.

We’ll even give you ideas for great replies to the guys messaging you online and how to have them keen to facetime you.

Over the next few weeks, while we are all stuck at home, we’ll be like your wing-women!  Your own personal Cyrano de Bergeracs!

And I promise you it’ll be FUN!

And a great distraction …

If you can’t go out on a date with a man – we’re definitely the next best thing!


Michelle, Jenny, Juliana and Anne Marie x

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