Should I Feel Like A Princess?

So, I went wedding dress shopping on Saturday …

… and in the first shop, the 3rd dress I tried on turned out to be perfect!

The experience felt exciting and surreal, at the same time.

I had always wanted to be married. To meet a great man and settle down.

When Ray proposed I realised I had never imagined my actual wedding day. I had no idea as to what I wanted.

I guess because I’d never really believed I was ever actually going to be proposed to (I’d never lived with anyone before I was 50!), I never allowed myself to imagine what the day itself would be like.

I’m 56!

And in that shop, to my utter surprise, I felt beautiful and giddy and like a princess!

Now a woman of 56 shouldn’t be feeling like a princess, surely!?

I have never even been drawn to the idea of being a princess and yet there I was, grinning from ear to ear, feeling amazing, bursting with pride and feeling like a fairy-tale princess!

So, how come?

Was it the dress? (After all they are princess shaped!)

Was it what it represented? – being a bride.

Was it because it was finally happening? – it was becoming real.

Was it because it also felt surreal – like something out of a fairy-tale?

I’m guessing it was all those things.

I thought I was too old to feel those feelings.

How wrong I was!

I know whether I was 30, 40, 60 or 70 I would have felt the same. And how wonderful is that!

I realise that no matter how much I ‘wanted’ my Relationship Happy Ever after, there was a part of me, for a very long time, that didn’t believe I would ever have it.

Whether you’re 30 or 80, or anywhere in between.

Whether you’re single, divorced or widowed.

If any of this resonates with you – I want YOU to have your Relationship Happy Ever After.

I want YOU to have your fairy-tale – whether that includes a puff ball wedding dress or not!

If I can have it, with my dating history, then you certainly can!

And I don’t want you to go through decades of disappointment and frustration.

In fact I don’t want you to go through one more year of disappointments and frustration.

That’s why I created Feminine Energy Dating – At Home. My comprehensive, detailed, practical and inspirational guide to dating to your Relationship Happy Ever After.

I created it for YOU!

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Love Michelle

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