Why Being In Your Feminine Energy Is The Ultimate Act Of Feminism

When I first started working with Michelle about a year ago, I had never come across the term Feminine Energy, nor Feminine Energy Dating. Initially my role was working with Michelle on her marketing and I quickly tried to get up to speed on the concept, gain a better understanding of it so I could better market Michelle and her products and services.

I admit – at first I didn’t really understand the whole concept. In fact, I was concerned that the whole idea went against my feminist beliefs. Born in the mid 1970’s, I was raised in a family of strong women who taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be. I could be a strong, educated, independent woman. I didn’t need to rely on a man for anything. And I took that belief, carried it with me throughout my school years, my teenage years, through University, and into my twenties and beyond. I carried it with me through relationships. Always the strong one. Always in control and in charge. Always working, earning, supporting myself and then as I got married, paying my way, being equal in everything we did. A proud feminist, who believes in equality (in different ways, men and women are different and we cannot ignore that, but that’s a blog for another day!).

And yet here I was, in my forties, suddenly being exposed to this teaching of women being in their Feminine Energy, who are actively looking for a man to take the romantic lead. To take the leadership role in the relationship. To be the one who suggests dates, books restaurants, plans weekends away. Looking for a man who cherishes her, adores her, makes her feel safe and secure. 

How could this be feminism? How can we be encouraging women to lean back and wait for a man to come to them? To take the lead, to set the pace, to be a Masculine Energy man fulfilling her Feminine Energy needs. Surely that’s not what a feminist would do? Isn’t this taking us back years and years?

Then it clicked. Literally clicked in my head one day, like a switch had been flipped. Feminine Energy isn’t the opposite of feminism. Feminine Energy is the embodiment of feminism. It teaches women not to stand for anything less than what we want. Not to settle for second best. Not to waste our time. Feminine Energy isn’t stepping back and shrinking away, it’s being bold and confident in telling a man FROM THE VERY START what it is you want from a relationship. It’s recognising the goddess that you are, the prize that you are, and refusing to compromise. It’s having the strength to tell a man the very first time you meet him that ultimately you want to be a wife and a mother (or whatever your own Happy Ever After looks like). That is a huge thing to be able to do!

Women who want to be in their Feminine Energy in a relationship, and attract a Masculine Energy man are amazing. They are strong, and powerful. They know what they want, and they choose when to decide it’s their time to go and get it. They’re not afraid to seek help in finding it. They’re not prepared to be anyone’s second prize. They know and accept they can’t control things, but they also know that they are in charge of themselves; responsible for themselves. In charge of what they want from their lives, from their relationships, from their Happy Ever Afters. How we want to be in that relationship with him – a partner, a lover, a wife. Not a mother or a therapist. Creating strong and clear boundaries to maintain that role. Everything about it is from a place of strength. Not weakness. Not submissiveness. Strength.

So if you’re new to this, like I was, and like some people have shared with us when we run our webinars etc, that it all seems a bit dated, or it’s pushing women into a submissive role then just remember this. Feminine Energy is the ultimate feminist act. Knowing that you are nothing less than a goddess, recognising that it might take 50 dates, it might take 100 dates but knowing that you WILL NOT settle for anything less than that man who is going to step up and give you exactly what you want from your Happy Ever After, how can that be anything other than feminism at its best?

Love Yvonne @ Team Michelle

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  1. Lilli on September 16, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    Just came across ur article and i was raised exactly the same. Sometimes it feels like hyper independence rather than independence. We are all different people with different needs and finding my inner feminine energy is something i look forward to. (thats my personal experience) and that can open many paths that i’m excited for

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